Kurt Weston

Light & Shadow, Presentation, Vision

video title

Obscura – Kurt Weston Segment

video credit

Damon Stea, video production and direction


video description

Photographer Kurt Weston shows himself in the process of obstructing the bed of a flatbed scanner to simulate the psychological and physical impact of being legally blind.

additional description

The still photographs appearing in “Obscura” are self-portraits from Weston’s Blind Vision series, created by utilizing a flatbed computer scanner. Images in sequence as they appear in the video clip: Blind Vision (2003), Losing the Light (2004), Floaters (2007), Peering Through the Darkness (2003), Shattered Scream (2007). Images exhibited at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Berkeley Art Museum; San Francisco Art Commission Gallery and Internationally in “Sight Unseen”.


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