Sarah L. Soriano

Portraiture, Series & Sequence

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Sarah L. Soriano
, Day 1 of the performance, 56 Days: I'm Still Here.
The "Memory Suit" begins as a plain black suit where layers of gray and black fabric will be added everyday for the 56 day performance. Each layer of fabric will illustrate my perception of the daily interactions with my spouse. 


Sarah L. Soriano, Day 56 of the performance, 56 Days: I'm Still Here
A layer of fabric was added to the "Memory Suit" everyday for 56 days illustrating daily interactions with my spouse.

Sarah L. Soriano, The Sound Reactive Nightgown is shown as it reacts to loud voice levels by activating Nitinol, a shape memory alloy, with a small microphone that is sewn into the fabric.

See Sarah L. Soriano's video about her sequential documentations in our Artists' Gallery.