Aimee Santos

Aimee Santos


artist statement:

While living in Los Angeles I maintained a daily commute of 12 miles round trip on my bicycle through the city traffic each morning and evening.  I was proud to navigate the streets with strength and ease that made me an equal amongst cars, trucks and city buses.  After moving back to Northern California the distance between point A and point B was far greater than it was in Los Angeles that bike riding became obsolete for me.  The mountain bike tires impersonate as frames, which take me back to the pot-holed ridden streets of Santa Monica Blvd to the two automobile altercations that threw me off my bike on Melrose and La Brea Avenues.  Transportation has always been apart of my life and these images help bring together my fond memories as well as integrate me into an environment I haven’t felt in almost a decade.  


what do you love about the MFA program at SJSU?

One of the greatest things about SJSU is that I can use the entire campus as my testing ground for the time when I become a professor.  With my non-grad studies classes professors encourage me to give undergraduates feedback as well as work with me to help me complete my own personal work towards my Thesis project.  Having the freedom to continue my work and earn my units towards my degree is invaluable and stress free.

anticipated graduation date: May 2014