Maggie Pinke

Maggie Pinke


artist statement

These images have become about a space where personal experiences are translated through public imagery. Through Google we are able to search for an image, with an image, revealing a mass of visually similar thumbnails. In this way I deconstructed private imagery by harvesting corresponding images to take their place, from the public archive that is Google. Although many elements of the source image can be seen in the found imagery the original photograph is not included. As the thumbnails are searched for, harvested, printed, scanned, reprinted, and finally placed in an environment to be viewed, a complete transformation has taken place. Choosing silk as the substrate for the initial print is a way of representing the way information entered into a search engine bleeds across boundaries and topics- offering suggestions and stories that are not our own. Reprinting on a smoother less flexible substrate at an enlarged scale allows the texture and grain of the silk to show through in the final image, as well as the pixel-like absorption of the ink into each thread. I am interested in the idea of the work becoming a sort of puzzle- a series of changeable and malleable images that tell endless stories.


what do you love about the MFA program at RIT?

The faculty at RIT have really made my first year incredible - they are very willing to sit down and look at work offering additional resources and research materials. I have yet to run into someone unwilling to support me in my work.

anticipated graduation date: 2014