Marissa Webb

Marissa Webb


artist statement

My sister Kaitlin is 19 years old and has Rett Syndrome, which is a disorder of the nervous system that leads to developmental regression. She cannot walk, talk or do much of anything for herself and has never been able too. She and her need for constant care and companionship have been at the center of my life since I was 8 years old.  This project focuses on various aspects of Kaitlin’s daily life that reflect on her individual relationships within her family, her constant need for care; along with the items of which she has total possession. It is with an exploration through the lens that I have learned even more about my sister and how the public perceives her.


What do you love about the MFA program at ISU?

I love Illinois State University’s Master of Fine Arts program is the faculty and the program size. The faculty and staff  are always willing to help you, as well as push you to work harder to achieve your artistic goals. And I love the size of the program, it is intimate enough where you are able to get one on one time with the faculty and large enough where you have influence from multiple artists.

anticipated graduation date: May 2014