Wolfgang Hastert

Wolfgang Hastert

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artist statement
Right now I am working in the intersection of experimental photography and film/video; the "Ongoing Moment" is my field of research. One current project is my book Juxtaposse, a series of portraits in which the sitters are photographed once with a short exposure and once with a long pinhole camera exposure. The two images, which are shown side by side, evoke the sense of time elapsed during the shoot, of memory, and allude to the narrative of the ongoing moment.

During the purely documentarian stage of my life, I directed more than ten feature-length films, predominantly on American artists and photographers. Included among them are films on painter Edward Hopper, photographers Paul Outerbridge and ShelbyLee Adams, and the "anonymous" creator of the cult classic Pink Narcissus, James Bidgood. These films premiered on European arts network ARTE and were shown in museums and festivals world-wide.


what do you love about Duke’s MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts?

It's new and exciting. It's one of a kind. My current interests lie slightly more in the experimental than the documentary portion of the program. Duke's MFAEDA allows me to cross all lines between analog and digital, using all types of media, still or moving.

I chose this program in order to be able to work together with the faculty in the Arts of the Moving Image program, right alongside with my mentors Alex Harris and Tom Rankin in the Center for Documentary Studies. Added benefit: my studies here enable me to discover things about the American South, which I have always been curious about.

anticipated graduation date:  May 2013


Wolfgang Hastert, Juxtaposse






WOLF KINO film from wolfgang hastert on Vimeo.

Wolfgang Hastert, WOLF KINO, short experimental film, 35mm hand-developed intercut with Lomo Kino footage.




The Ghost of Walker Evans from wolfgang hastert on Vimeo.

Wolfgang Hastert, The Ghost of Walker Evans, short experimental slide animation of pinhole and Holga imagery.




LEARN TO BE SPASMODIC from wolfgang hastert on Vimeo.

Wolfgang Hastert, LEARN TO BE SPASMODIC, short documentation of behind-the-scenes activities of:
            "A China of Many Senses" (Nasher Museum version)
            generative architectural projection
            by Bill Seaman with Todd Berreth
            Nasher Museum of Art, featured exhibition at CHAT 2012 Festival