RP Exhibitions

RP EXHIBITIONS is an online host for exhibitions with photography at the core either as the topic or the medium. "Photo" here is expansive and inclusive, used by everyone, in varied forms. We are especially interested in photography's connections with other disciplines, in applications where photography was incidental to a larger goal, and in art practices that span a range of approaches.


The inaugural exhibition — Tell the Story of Your Life in Detroit — came about from a desire to extend the opportunity to publish online to people in Detroit who may not have direct access to affecting the content of the internet. We solicited stories without expectations that they would be made as artworks, that they would be meaningful, or that they would depict the city in particular ways. Ultimately, they reveal each individual's flexibility as the Detroit has evolved; they tell of perseverance in adapting to personal and economic circumstances; and, chiefly, all six people/groups are excited about the work they’ve accomplished and their place in the city.


We accept curatorial proposals. Please Contact Rebekah Modrak.