The Reframing Photography book describes different options for displaying work in the Presentation section. The step-by-step instructions will walk you through a variety of presentation forms:

how to construct a side-stitch book,
how to construct an accordion book,
how to mat, mount and frame prints,
how to construct a lightbox,
how to make a web portfolio;
how to create a personalized webpage,
how to create web-based artworks,
and how to animate sequential images via a flip book or thaumatrope


This website expands on this information with descriptions of an additional bookmaking technique — the pamphlet stitch book — with step-by-step instructions for how to make a print portfolio, examples of photographic flip books and thaumatropes, and all the information you'll need to learn how to build and animate images with a zoetrope. Also on this site, you'll learn about different framing styles, how to dry-mount, mount with photo corners, hinge mount, front mount, and how to create window mats. The page Photography on the Web gives an overiew of Internet art that uses photographs with links to many of these works.