Jeff Ladd’s blog about Photobooks 

Review: Breaking the Rules: The Printed Face of the European Avant Garde 1900-1937, The Art Tribune, 2008

Stephen Bury, “The Photo-book as Artist’s Book” (pdf)


Eyecurious books

Eyecurious ( )’s sister blog about photobooks. Created by Marc Feustel.

Flak Photo

Daily daily photography website produced by Andy Adams.

Flak Photo Books Group

Flak Photo’s Facebook group focused on conversations about photobooks.

Food For Your Eyes

Nathalie Belayche’s blog that promotes, produces and exhibits photography projects, with emphasis on the photobook.

The Future of Photobooks

A cross-blog conversation considering the question, “What will photobooks become over the next decade?” with Andy Adams and Miki Johnson.

Indie Photobook Library

An archive that preserves and exhibits self-published photobooks, artist books, zines, etc. Founded by Larissa Leclair.

The Photo Book Club

Promotes discussion surrounding the photo book format.

“Review: Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and ‘70s” by Ryûichi Kaneko and Ivan Vartanian, on Eyecurious, 2010

Martin Parr’s website

The Photobook

Douglas Stockdale’s reviews of photobooks.

The Photobook: A History vol. 1, by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, YouTube

Publish Your Photography Book, by Darius D. Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson

Alex Sweetman’s faculty page at the University of Colorado at Boulder

Alex Sweetman, Photographic Book to Photobookwork: 140 Years of Photography in Publication (University of California, Riverside, 1986).

Words Without Pictures