Atta Kim

Landscape, Light & Shadow, Series & Sequence, Vision

Atta Kim’s website 

Atta Kim: on–air Exhibition, International Center of Photography, 2006

Atta Kim at Yossi Milo Gallery

Holland Cotter, “In Atta Kim’s Long-Exposure Photographs, Real Time is the Most Surreal of All,” Art & Design, The New York Times, July 12, 2006

Lee Joon, “Atta Kim: Paradoxical Aesthetics of Existence,” Art in Asia



Atta Kim, ON-AIR Project

Atta Kim, ON-AIR Project, New York Series, 57th Street, 8 Hours. 2005. C-print. Yossi Milo Gallery. © Atta Kim, “New York” series, 2005.



Atta Kim, ON-AIR Project, 8 Hours. C-print. © Atta Kim.



Atta Kim, ON-AIR Project, DMZ Series, The Central Front, 8 Hours, 2004. C-print. © Atta Kim.



Atta Kim, ON-AIR Project, Indala. C-print. © Atta Kim.