Kerry Skarbakka

Series & Sequence

Kerry Skarbakka's website

Kerry Skarbakka at Hagedorn Foundation, Excerpts of artist lecture, Vimeo, 2011

Kate Mattingly, “On the Edge: An Interview of Kerry Skarbakka”, The Pink Line Project, January 15, 2010

Kerry Skarbakka interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBCs Today show, April 21, 2009

Corey Dzenko, “Anxiety and Remediation: The Photographic Image of Kerry Skarbakka”, Hemisphere: Visual Cultures of the Americas, Volume I, Spring 2008



Kerry Skarbakka, The Struggle to Right Oneself

Kerry Skarbakka, Stendhal No.1 (Mt.Corcoran @ The Corcoran), © 2011.


Kerry Skarbakka, Window, © 2009.


Kerry Skarbakka, Shower, © 2005.


Kerry Skarbakka, Trestle, © 2003.


Kerry Skarbakka, Blue Tree, © 2002.


Kerry Skarbakka, Stairs, © 2002.