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The Society for nebulous knowledge

Chas Bowie, “Homespun Universe”, The Portland Mercury, November 27, 2003


Homespun Universe: The Wondrous Work of Anabella Gaposchk 

Anabella Gaposchk astounded the scientific community with her elegant and scientifically accurate illustrations of the cosmos, which she created through ingredients in her kitchen.

Society for Nebulous Knowledge, Homespun Universe: The Wondrous Work of Anabella Gaposchk, video still from the documentary, archival pigment print, 2005 (11”x14”).  


Society for Nebulous Knowledge, Merging Stars in Cassiopeia by Anabella Gaposchk circa 1899, (detail) toned silver gelatin print (powdered sugar) 2004 (12”x9”).


Society for Nebulous Knowledge
, Open Star Cluster in Sagittarius by Anabella Gaposchk circa 1903, silver gelatin photogram (baking soda) 2002 (8”x5”).


Upon the Orange Moon: Viviana Spokoininich

Featuring the composer of the first musical to be performed on the Moon, the exhibit of Viviana Spokoininich features the original score, photographs of the mansion where she was a live-in maid and musical excerpts of early recordings that viewers enjoy through headphones.

Society for Nebulous Knowledge, The Bedroom of Viviana Spokoininich, toned silver gelatin print, 2004 (11”x14”).


Emma Peale, Cosmic Medicinarian, Founder of the Society for Nebulous Knowledge 

Found objects, artifacts and detailed descriptions for concoctions produced during astronomical events by Miss Peale, Founder of the Society for Nebulous Knowledge, 2004.   

Society for Nebulous Knowledge, Emma Peale: Cosmic Medicinarian, found objects from the Society for Nebulous Knowledge Historical Archives.


the Magnificent Floriography of Valentina Fielder

Society for Nebulous Knowledge Historical Archives, Valentina Fielder installation view: sculpture in globe glass, photographs of Miss Fielder's original "flower-in-hand" drawings.