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Erika deVries, Searching for Mother

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Erika Devries, beautiful things

Erika deVries is a mother, artist, lady in love, professor, fairy tale teller/reader/believer, thread thief, and mundanity expert. Recently on the subway a woman psychic told her; “I see many good things around you, call me” and handed Erika her card. Grateful and wondrous at her kind words, Erika has translated the experience into “beautiful things” a new neon work for the windows at HUGO BOSS.

Aglow in neon and written in the artist’s 7 year old son’s hand, “beautiful things” crystallizes the moment when language, meaning, and experience coalesce. The artist invites viewers to participate in the piece and to photograph themselves and loved ones standing within “beautiful things”.











Erika Devries, an enlarged heart, 2010






Erika Devries, Searching for Mother, 2009





Erika Devries, your mother is in the basement, 2009