Steven Benson

Documentary Style, Landscape

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"It was very strange to imagine that the photographs I was making in 1999 would suddenly become ‘historic’ records of a part of the world that would no longer exist as of June 10, 2003 when the reservoir filled.  The disappearance of 36,000 square miles of our planet was not the result of an erupting Mt. Vesuvius - it was the result of the human decision making process at its most destructive. It is my hope that this body of work, in conjunction with the photographs and written records of my colleagues, might somehow function as a warning to future generations to never make this mistake again."
Steven Benson



Steven Benson, Bamboo Factory, Chamgshou



Steven Benson, Farmer, Wanxian



Steven Benson, Friends, Fuling



Steven Benson, New Harbor, Chongqing



Steven Benson, Three Gorges Dam, China