Seba Kurtis

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Seba Kurtis, “Stateless”, Visura Magazine, May 2009

Daniele De Luigi and Seba Kurtis. An Interview.

Seba Kurtis talks to Students at Coventry University



Seba Kurtis, Drowned, Immigration files. Canary island, 2008.

Thousands of Africans have reached the Canary Islands in recent years, thousands more are believed to have drowned or died of thirst or exposure in the attempt.

I drowned the boxes with the sheets of film off the shores of the same ocean that they crossed.







Seba Kurtis, shoe box (fronts)

In the late 80's Argentina suffered another crisis, where my dad lost his business and our house and belongings got repossessed.

A shoe box with all the family memories was the one thing that remained.

They had been damaged by a flood.







Seba Kurtis, shoe box (backs)