David Turnley

Documentary Style, Photojournalism, Series & Sequence

David Turnley’s website


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“Capturing the essence of ‘Mandela’: an insider’s look at Nelson Mendela, through the lens of David Turnley”, July 18, 2008


David Turnley, Mandela: In Struggle and in Triumph, video on YouTube


David Turnley at World Press Photo


David Turnley, The Digital Journalist


David Turnley - Mandela's Children, The Digital Journalist


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David Turnley, South Africa.


David Turnley, Berlin, 1989.


David Turnley, McClellan Street, 1973.


David Turnley


David Turnley, Nelson Mandela visits the Robben Island cell where he spent 19 years in prison in 1994.


David Turnley, Justice Jongintaba's grandson holds up a portrait of Nelson Mandela wearing his first suit, taken during his college years.


David Turnley, Under the Group Areas Act, all blacks had to carry pass books like this one. One of the tenants of apartheid was that every black had to be a citizen of one of the black homelands.


David Turnley, Ken Kazakiewics at the moment he learns that the body bag next to him contains the body of his friend, killed by "friendly fire" in the Persian Gulf War.