Gregory Crewdson

Light & Shadow, Portraiture

Gregory crewdson: Brief encounters movie

Gregory crewdson, aperture 190

Gregory Crewdson at White Cube

Gregory Crewdson’s lecture “Twilight” at the International Center of Photography, October 2, 2002

Gregory Crewdson images and interview in Aperture

Gregory Crewdson Interview & Slide Show on EGG, The Arts Show: Unnatural Science, PBS

Gregory Crewdson in Artist Works Catalogues on artnet

Gregory Crewdson speaks about his book “Twilight”, The Speakeasy, Dorian Devins, January 6, 2003


Gregory Crewdson, Untitled from Twilight series. 1999. Laser-direct C-print. Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York. © Gregory Crewdson. Courtesy of the Crewdson Studio.