Lesley Dill

Portraiture, Text

Lesley Dill’s website


Lesley Dill at George Adams Gallery


A Conversation with Lesley Dill at the Sarasota Museum of ARt, 2012


Opera Chicks: Artists E.V. Day and Lesley Dill Interview Each Other About Opera, Huffington post, 2011


I Heard a Voice: The Art of Lesley Dill, Exhibition at smith college, 2009



Lesley Dill, Being Asleep in Your Mouth, 2000, Ink, thread, wax on silver gelatin print, 14 x 11 in.


Lesley Dill, Falling Girl (#1), 1997, Mixed media, charcola, thread on photofabric, 79 x 48 in.


Lesley Dill, Tongues on Fire, 2001, Salem, North Carolina.


Lesley Dill, Hell Hell Hell / Heaven Heaven Heaven, Encountering Sister Gertrude Morgan & REvelation, Installation, Arthur Roger Gallery.