Oliver Boberg

Landscape, Reproductive Processes

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Oliver Boberg at DCKT Contemporary, Inc. Gallery


Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities Exhibition, Museum of Arts and Design, June 7 – September 18, 2011


Oliver Boberg Interview, from the Exhibition Otherworldly, on Youtube, 2011


excerpt from ken johnson, "art in review: oliver boberg", The new York times, November 19, 2009

You could study Oliver Boberg's color photographs for a long time and not notice anything odd about them. .... Images include a boxy, white metal warehouse on a leaf-strewn parking lot; a shadowy, concrete passage under an office building; a broad, curving highway bordered by shrubbery and a guardrail under a white sky. .... The amazing thing about these photographs is that none of the subjects are real. Mr. Boberg, who is German and in his early 30's, started out as a hyperrealist painter. He constructs each scene from scratch in his studio and carefully lights and photographs it.



Oliver Boberg, Sitzecke | Sitting Corner, 2011, 100cm x 130cm



Oliver Boberg, Kleiner Slum 4 (Small Slum 4), 2009, 47cm x 62cm



Oliver Boberg, Himmel III (Sky III), 2000, 2 x 124cm x 180,5cm



Oliver Boberg, Wendeplatz (Turning Place), 2000, 101cm x 109cm



Oliver Boberg, Öffentlicher Platz (Public Square), 1999, 79,5cm x 124cm



Oliver Boberg, Parkplatz (Parking Lot), 1998, 74cm x 174cm